Friends in Need Food Bank

Did You Know?

We help over 2500 people a month in our community

33% of our clients are children under the age of 18

27% of our clients are over the age of 50 which includes seniors

We provide each school child with weekly kids pack forPregnant Woman Drinking Milk school snacks. Kids packs contain juice boxes, granola bars and fruit or jello cups. Each family also receives milk twice a month until the youngest child is twelve years old. Milk and eggs are given to expecting mothers up until baby is one years old. Seniors also receive milk and eggs twice a month.

The Friends In Need Food Bank is a provider of food so no one in our community needs to go hungry.

We also help kids in School

The food bank directly support local schools with breakfast programs. This program ensures that any child in need has a good start to their day.

SchoolboyThe food bank also helps more schools with  lunch programs where the children not only get a healthy lunch but gain life skills through being given the opportunity to help prepare their own food for lunch.

Our food bank also works with community services to help 120 children in our local elementary schools who would not otherwise have a lunch each day.

By providing local schools with food for breakfast and lunch programs the Food Bank is able to help ensure that no child goes hungry. It is well known that children can not focus on learning if they are hungry and we are here to help.

We are hoping to extend our help to local schools starting September 2013. More information will be sent to elementary schools and PAC organizers. If your school is interested please let us know or you can email us with your PAC contact details and we will send you further information when it becomes available.

How Can You Help ?

You can donate much needed items that go towards our kids packs and school programs: juice boxes, granola bars, fruit or jello cups. General Donations wish list

You can also help the food bank by donating $2.00 at the supermarket register by purchasing a share coupon. Share coupons are sold at: Save On Foods, Safeways, Thriftys, Market Place IGA, Coopers Foods.

Thank You for helping support those in need in our community
FoodBanksCanadaFood Bank BCThe Friends in Need Food Bank is a member of Food Banks Canada and Food Banks BC and abides by their Code of Ethics.

The Friends In Need Food Bank Society is an incorporated society (S-00030881) in B.C. and a registered charity with Canada Revenue Agency (88913-8772-RR0001)

WE DO NOT solicit money or donations Door to Door or by telephone, we operate solely on the generous donations from the community and sponsors.

Call Us: (604) 466-FOOD
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