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Our Hampers provide a three to five day suppliment for our clients. Each hamper is not intended to be a main supply of groceries, but is intended to save our clients funds for other necessities.

Maple Ridge Hampershamper
Pitt Meadows Hampers

The Board of Directors are committed to including protein and fresh produce to improve nourishment and nutrition. Each week, in addition to our Monthly Hampers, Clients can choose from a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables.  Both of our depots are equipped with freezers and coolers which enables our organization to take advantage of perishable food donations.

Our Hampers Include:

Chunky Soups, Rice, Pasta, Pasta Sauce, Ichiban, Oatmeal, Meal in a tin (Stew,Ravioli), Baked Beans, Stewed Tomatoes, Canned/Jar Fruit& Vegetables, canned tuna or meat, Kraft Dinner, Side Kicks.  With each hamper collection a client also receives a frozen meat item and a box of breakfast cereals (when available) stock varies.  The size of our hampers depends on the size of client family.

Extras on a non Hamper week:

Each week we have a different supply of extras these products vary from day to day.  Items vary from: Cakes, Muffins, Bagels, Peanut Butter, Various Sauces, yoghurt, Juice, Coffee/Tea, Sugar, Flour, Canned olives, Pickles and much more.

Weekly Fresh Produce:veg

Bread, Potatoes, Carrots, Onions, Peppers, Salad, Tomato, Cucumbers, Apples, Oranges, Pears and other fruits and vegetables.

Produce varies from day to day.

Tiny Bundles & Basics for Babies

Supporting pregnant women and clients with babies under two years old are eligible to receive  milk and eggs twice a month. We also supply baby food, formula and diapers.   New moms also receive a one-time layette containing new baby items once the baby is born.  This is a starter pack with new items (example: bottles, soothers, item clothing, bibs, formula, diapers, wipes, soft toy, blanket, baby cream/wash or shampoo and many other items when available.

 Special Needs and Dietary Requirements

Supports the needs of clients who have special dietary requirements including persons with diabetes.  We also supply Boost, Ensure and PediaSure to those who need it.

 The Personals Program

At least twice per year a package containing personal items such as toothpaste/brushes, shampoo, soap, etc. are distributed to clients.  We also have female hygiene products available for clients and adult depends and poise available.

  The Protein & Produce Program

In addition to what comes in the monthly hamper clients can come in each week and choose from an ever changing variety of produce and protein items.

 Milk & Eggs

Thanks to a sponsorship from the Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows ‘ Fire Fighters for families’ fund  we have been able to provide milk for families with children under twelve years old.  We have recently expanded our milk and egg program to serve pregnant women, seniors and those who medically require the additional nutrition.

Kids Pack Program

Provides children from ages five to twelve with a bag of ready-to-eat snacks to take to school. Kids packs contain juice boxes, granola bars, fruit cups and jello. Products vary each week.

 The Pet Food Program

Pets are family members too and when available pet food is distributed to clients with cats and dogs.

 Feed the Mind

Donations of Books from Katzie Community Committee and Black Bond Books gives our clients the opportunity to choose new books to take home/keep.

 Community Partners Program

Network and share over abundance items or bulk items with other agencies that distribute food or serve meals to people in need.

 Advocacy & Outreach Program

Informing and sharing information with the community and their clients.

 Other Services

Referrals to alternate agencies when required.

Birthday cakes & gifts for children (when available).

Call Us: (604) 466-FOOD
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