Friends in Need Food Bank

Who We Help

The Friends In Need Food Bank Society exists to provide food for low-income families and individuals who reside in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows.   Our food bank also raises awareness of hunger in our community. We believe that preserving self-esteem of those we serve is equally important as providing food.

Many people do not realize that it could be their neighbour or co-worker who needs help from the Food Bank.  The majority of our clients are living on a restricted budget due to circumstances beyond their control.

It is not an easy choice for many people to use the food bank. People in our community are forced to ask for our help when they have nowhere else to turn.

Our clients range from families where both parents are working, but just don’t have enough money left over from each paycheque after paying rent and bills.  A client may be a senior whose fixed income just doesn’t stretch far enough.  Or a client may be on social assistance or be someone who is disabled, has a terminal illness or someone that has lost their job and for the first time in their life, has to ask for help. It may be a single parent who is struggling to feed their children because they just don’t have enough financial support.

Be Informed

Our Food Bank provides food and essentials for low-income individuals and families. Our in-house statistics show that 33% of our client base are children under 18 and 27% of our clients are over the age of 50. Our client numbers have risen considerably higher than before the 2008-2009 recession, bringing our client numbers to over 2500 registered people.

Starting in September 2013 we hope to extend our help to local elementary schools.  We will supply food for their breakfast programs which will help ensure that no child goes hungry.  It is important that each child in our community gets a good start in life.  Studies have shown that children are more successful in school and later on in life if they have proper nutrition.

To ensure that senior citizens are not forgotten we are starting a program in the Spring of 2013 which will enable our homebound and senior clients to order food hampers over the telephone.  This program is supported by local supermarkets and the SHARE donation program (please call for up to date information on our delivery programs).

Not only do we provide food supplements for our clients but we also provide supplies for many community organizations in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows including, but not limited to:

MR Community Services
Salvation Army Caring Place
Rainbow Club
School District SD42
Alouette Home Start
Seniors Society, The Legion and many other organizations.

Call Us: (604) 466-FOOD
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