Friends in Need Food Bank


Many individuals and families have been supported by the Friends In Need Food Bank. Our organization strives to provide support for people in our community who truly need it…

“Without the Food Bank, my family would not have enough money to survive. I am a single mom and trying to buy groceries is a daunting task…The Food Bank supplies me with things I can’t usually afford.”

“My wife and I have been in this community for 20 years, and have been coming to the food bank for 15. My life wouldn’t be the same without the services offered by Friends. Thank-you!”

“I was laid off from a good job. I have a new baby and a girlfriend and we now struggle to get by…Our life has become really tough, and going to Friends I know that I will be greeted with a smile and open arms.”

Call Us: (604) 466-FOOD
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