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Starfish Backpack Program

As of January 2019, we are providing 109 backpacks to kids in schools both in Maple Ridge (9 schools) and Pitt Meadows (3 schools).

What is the Starfish Program?

The Starfish Pack Program is organized by the MeadowRidge Rotary and Friends In Need Food Bank as well as dedicated volunteers. Our team works with local schools to provide identified children in our schools whom need a bit extra nourishment to get them through the weekends.

The Meadow Ridge Starfish Program works diligently to identify children in our schools whom may already be clients of either the Friends In Need Food Bank or other local food programs as well as those children that aren’t but really should be.

The Meadow Ridge Starfish Program provides a backpack full of more than enough food to last a child a whole weekend ensuring when they arrive for school on Monday morning, they are energized and ready to learn with a full stomach.

How It Works?

The children with our partner schools whom have been identified and their parents contacted for permission receive a backpack on Friday afternoon after school. This backpack is full of enough food for meals and snacks to get he child through the weekend. Then on Monday morning the child brings the empty backpack to school and leaves it there. During the week, our volunteers and partners work feverishly to organize the backpacks and fill up the backpacks and have them ready to go out to the partner schools on Friday.

How Can You Help

There’s two ways currently available for community members to help. First, click on the donate button below and donate to the program. All proceeds go straight through to the program. Being as we are all run by volunteers, the facilities needed and backpacks all are donated, there’s no overhead or administration fees. That means ever cent that gets donated goes straight to the children.

The second way to help is to sponsor a backpack for a year. The cost to sponsor a backpack is $575 per year. To sponsor a backpack, please contact Ineke Boekhorst for more details. This option is great for businesses that want to contribute and help the communities they operate in. You can also make a cheque payable to the Friends In Need Food Bank with a note stating “Starfish Backpack Program” or you can drop of donations to The Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows News at 22611 Dewdney Trunk Road (parking at back of building off laneway).

» Donate To The Starfish Pack Here «

How Do I Get More Information?

To find out more about donating to the Starfish Pack Program or to find out how to get your schools signed up with us, please contact Ineke Boekhorst below.

Ineke Boekhorst

President MeadowRidge Rotary Club 2016/2017
Phone: 604-467-2420

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